The Environment

The rural position of Muchwood adds to the peaceful and beautiful environment that we are trying to create. When we began Muchwood in 1999 we planted some ornamental trees at random. These maturing trees together with the ongoing planting of the new memorial trees and bushes beside each grave, will create a growing woodland that is helping to preserve the atmosphere of our planet for future generations by combating climate change and reducing our carbon footprint. By planting wildflowers and letting some areas grow wild, we are creating a continually evolving habitat for a variety of birds, bees and other pollinators and wildlife. In the summer months we let the grasses and wildflowers grow until they have flowered and then we cut it back again. This is perfect for people who find it comforting to be surrounded by nature and understand that their loss is a natural part of the cycle of life.

We ask that all coffins, caskets, shrouds and any monuments placed on graves are all bio-degradable. Wicker, wool, recycled cardboard and softwood coffins are all popular choices. Your funeral director will be able to advise you as there are many options to choose from.

This selection of trees has been chosen as we prefer trees native to Great Britain and ones which will eventually grow to a medium height.  As there are several varieties of each species, we reserve the right to choose which variety, unless specified by the client at the time of purchase.  We may also change the selection from time to time.  This is so we can create a varied woodland for future generations to enjoy.


Many of the trees will be planted in late Autumn following the burial but we are planting some during the year if they are available. We aim to replace any trees that unfortunately die within a few years and ask that friends and relatives assist us in keeping the trees watered as well as any bulbs or plants on the grave. We may replace a tree with a different species if it doesn’t grow after it’s been replaced twice. But please remember not everything in nature grows successfully!

Please note that for half grave plots for ash interments we offer just the Holly and Blackthorn as these are smaller in size, but one tree instead of 2 bushes can be planted between 2 graves of the same family  if preferred.

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