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Nearest Defibrillators:

Distance: 1.6 miles – 7 mins
4 Manor Close
Ramsey Mereside 
PE26 2UN

Distance: 1.9 miles – 9 mins
Village Hall 
Ramsey Mereside
PE26 2UH

Nearest Doctors Surgery:

Rainbow Surgery
Distance: 1 mile – 5 mins
1B Stocking Fen Road
PE26 1SA 
Tel: 01487 710980




Muchwood Lane
PE26 2XQ

(Please note the postcode isn’t 100% accurate so use Muchwood Lane as a guide as this road is not very long and once on Muchwood Lane you will be no more than 1 minute away)

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Kerry Rolfe Independent Family Funeral Directors

6-8 Dartford Road, March, Cambridgeshire PE15 8AD
Tel: 01354 651499

The Little Fenland Eco Shop 

Stocks earth friendly alternatives to day to day products, eco friendly gifts & offers a refill service.
Shop at 28A Great Whyte, Ramsey PE26 1HA. 

 Tues – Sat   8.45am – 5.45pm 

Online shop:
Instagram:  @TheLittleFenlandEcoShop

Willow & Wreath Florist

83A High Street, Ramsey PE26 1BZ

Tel 07493638623

Woodland Wishes

4 High Street, Fulbourn, Cambridge CB21 5DH
Also at: Woodland House, 25a Station Road, Great Wilbraham Cambridge CB21 5JA
Tel: 01223 880002 Mob: 07794 860131

Richard Woodward & Associates Will Writers

Church View House, St Neots, Cambridgeshire PE19 2BB
Tel: 01480 290060

What To Do When a Loved One Passes Away

When someone dies, it is recommended that you appoint, or have in mind, a funeral director so that you have someone to call. You don’t legally have to have a funeral director but most people prefer this. You can arrange everything yourself, see link about DIY funerals below.

Immediately after death, if the person has died at home, a GP must visit and issue a Medical Cause of Death Certificate stating the cause of death. If no cause of death can be determined or the circumstances are questionable, the coroner will have to be informed. If its all straightforward you may get the certificate there and then or you may have to collect it from your GP surgery. This certificate is needed to register the death  at the registry office. 

If the person dies in hospital, the doctor there will issue the certificate from the hospital admin office. Again If no cause of death can be determined the coroner will have to be involved. 

You must then take the GP certificate to the registry office who will then issue you with a green certificate for burial or cremation which will need to be given to the funeral director. 

More detailed information on what to do when someone dies can be found here:

The funeral director will then collect the person, whether in hospital or at home. They will be taken to their premises and stay there until all arrangements have been made for the funeral. You should then be able to view them in their chapel of rest, depending on the circumstances of the death. 

The funeral director will then help you to plan the funeral or cremation. You can make this as simple as you wish and do not need to have all the traditional services. Some offer direct burials and cremations where there are no attendees, on the day. Celebrations can be held later on or if the ashes are interred, gatherings can be held then. You do not have to have the expense of the traditional hearse, limousines and wooden coffin. There are many alternative options out there. You can use your own transport and you can have a wicker, wool or cardboard coffin and families can get involved in decorating the coffin. This is especially good for children to dispel any fears surrounding a death of a family member. Making sure all family members agree is crucial at this time. 

The most important thing to remember is that you know what is best for your family member who has died so you must  convey this to your funeral director and not let them sell you services that you do not need or want.

More information about DIY funerals can be found here:

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