Terms & Conditions

  1.  Full interment in coffins made of cardboard, softwood, wicker or  any readily biodegradable materials only are permitted.
  2. Floral tributes will be removed after approximately seven days following date of burial.
  3.  A recycled Oak plaque will be placed on the grave bearing details (if provided) of the name and lifespan of the deceased. These remain the property of Muchwood and must not be removed without prior permission.
  4. Tree planting is usually undertaken by the management in the dormant season, usually October/November but we are planting some during the year if they are available. We aim to replace any trees that unfortunately die within a few years and ask that friends and relatives assist us in keeping the trees watered when they visit. We have the right to replace a tree with a different species if it doesn’t grow after it’s been replaced twice. 
  5. Nothing other than the plaque provided and a tree will be permitted on the grave.  We reserve the right to remove any ornaments or decorations that we feel do not adhere to this condition. Please see our Grave Memorials page.
  6. The Management Plan of the burial ground will be adopted as agreed from time to time with the relevant Wildlife Trust, other applicable Conservation Trust and/or Local Authority and will be implemented at the sole discretion of the Management. Wildflower seeds will be planted on graves that remain bare, to encourage bees, butterflies and other pollinators and to help create a future woodland habitat for our wildlife.
  7. Reservations are conditional upon receipt of payment in full with completed signed application form.
  8. No interment will be permitted without the appropriate Registrar’s Certificate or Coroner’s Order for Burial.
  9. No exhumation or re-opening of the grave will be permitted under any circumstances, except by direction of a Court of Law.
  10. Due to the extreme changes in climate, coupled with a very high population of rabbits, rodents and small mammals, we at Muchwood cannot guarantee the longevity of memorial trees, plaques and shrubs.  It is, therefore, the responsibility of family and friends of the deceased to assist Muchwood ground staff to maintain all our natural memorials. Free tree/shrub protectors are provided to assist you. Water is available from a water butt on site.
  11. Any bench on our site immediately becomes the property of Muchwood for health and safety and insurance reasons as we are liable for any potential injuries caused while using them. We have the right to move or remove any bench we deem to be unsafe or unsightly without notice.
  12. Muchwood reserve the right to amend any of these terms and conditions depending upon the circumstances and feedback from Muchwood friends, relatives and interested parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Muchwood?

EP Brand (Farmers) Ltd own Muchwood. They are a local partnership and have been in business for over 60 years. In 1999 the opportunity came up to purchase the site and they saw an opportunity to provide an alternative burial ground for local people who did not necessarily want their final resting place to be in a crowded churchyard.

Can I pay in instalments for a reservation?

We do not currently offer payment in instalments as there are many financial regulations that need to be implemented if a company does this, as well as our risk if you cannot keep up the payments.
As we are a small business, we decided to keep things simple with full payment in advance. If you would prefer to pay in instalments we recommend paying into a personal savings account until full purchase price is reached.

What happens to my money?

The money that you pay for purchasing a reservation is used within the company to maintain the site, ensuring that it is kept natural but neat, today and in the future. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds if you change your mind once a plot is reserved and paid for. An alternative is to transfer the reservation to a family member or friend. You must let us know so we can update our records as the plot can only be used by the person named on the certificate.

What if Muchwood goes into liquidation?

EP Brand (Farmers) Ltd have been in business for over 60 years and are a thriving arable farming business today. In the unlikely event that Muchwood goes into administration, the farm land owned by the company is substantial.

What if Muchwood is sold?

When the land was purchased in 1999 there was a condition of sale that stated that the land will be a burial ground in perpetuity and never be used for building on.  This condition will still be applicable should Muchwood ever be sold.

Do you do double depth plots?

We do not sell double depth plots as we do not like to re-open the grave once closed.  Adjacent plots can be purchased as an alternative to this.

Do you bury pets at Muchwood?

We do not bury pets at Muchwood but we do allow pets ashes (in a sealed container) to be included inside an owners coffin or ashes urn.

Can I bury two lots of ashes in one plot?

Yes we allow a maximum of two lots of ashes (in urns or ashes caskets) to be buried in one half grave plot, at the same time at no extra cost.

Can I buy a memorial bench?

Due to the large amount of people wishing to purchase benches from 1st January 2022 we are no longer offering this option as we cannot accommodate everyone’s requests. Apologies for this. Previous requests for benches will still stand as per our terms which states that when a bench is too weathered and disintegrated we will replace it with the next one that was on the waiting list.

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