Our Partnership with The Wildlife Trust

We are pleased to announce we have entered into partnership with The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire. 

The Wildlife Trust is a well known and respected local charity (one of 46 Wildlife Trusts) which aims to protect and restore the natural environment in our three counties and enable people to learn about and enjoy it. It relies on volunteers and members to help share knowledge and inspire others to take action.

By becoming a member of the Wildlife Trust you can play a vital role in protecting important species and local habitats such as Muchwood by ensuring they can continue to be appreciated by all for generations to come.


This partnership will ensure our future burial sites are managed so they meet all the ecological criteria to protect the habitat of our birds and wildlife, enabling them to thrive in a safe and sustainable environment.

Wildflower meadows will be planted to encourage bees butterflies and other pollinators while at the same time, creating a beautiful and peaceful environment for visitors to connect with nature, when they visit and remember their loved ones. 

The mission of Muchwood and the Wildlife Trust is to care and protect for our land and animals and help it cope with the changing climate. Having a green burial at Muchwood is the eco friendly way to ensure that you are contributing to saving our planet whilst being a part of the natural cycle of life.

As the sites will always remain natural woodlands, you will become a vital part of nature forever. 

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