Grave Memorials

Our original future vision of Muchwood was a natural woodland, full of plants, flowers and trees with just the wooden name plaque identifying each grave. As Muchwood grows, we are finding that more and more decorative objects are being placed on the grave or hung on the memorial trees. Asking customers to remove items without causing any upset has proved difficult. After a dispute we have been given no option but to reluctantly enforce some guidelines so that it is clear to existing friends and relatives and to new customers what is acceptable on the graves.

Wooden planters, wooden border edging and large wicker and wooden ornaments are not allowed. Our Terms and Conditions state that we can remove any object that doesn’t meet our criteria. Therefore we will remove any of these objects and place in the dedicated space at Muchwood for collection.

We prefer plants and flowers to be planted in the soil on the grave and cut flowers placed on the grave or in one of our wooden vases which are available to purchase.

We hope this information will clarify the position to any potential customers before they purchase or reserve a plot. For further information please read our Terms and Conditions section in our brochure or on this website.

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